Sustainable companies with a purpose


First Solar knows that clean affordable solar energy is an essential part of the worldwide energy mix. That’s why First Solar leads the way with the lowest carbon footprint, lowest water usage and fastest energy payback of any PV technology.

First Solar technology displaces 89-98 percent of greenhouse gas emissions when replacing energy yielded by conventional generation. They also understand that water scarcity is a problem affecting millions. That’s why they reduced their manufacturing water consumption per-watt produced by nearly 30% since 2009.


Together, Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa are creating a leader in the renewable energy industry, to provide cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy to society, and to create lasting value for all stakeholders.

Their wind power products and technologies are being used in more than 90 countries, accross five continents, onshore and offshore. The company is very well positioned to help people and communities around the world responding to today’s energy challenges.


Covanta is committed to helping communities and organizations solve their sustainability challenges through forward-thinking solutions that divert waste from landfills, and use it to generate renewable energy.

In all that they do, they strive to ensure that their services, facilities and activities are managed in an environmentally-responsible way that is good for society and the planet.


Contact is an intergenerational company whose success relies on the thriving New Zealand ecosystems, flourishing communities, and good business decisions that achieve the aspirations of their shareholders.

At Contact, sustainability means making every decision and every action count for the long run. It means making the best decisions for today and tomorrow, and striving to balance their economical, cultural and social responsibilities.

Disclosure: These companies are examples of companies we hold as of 09/30/2017